Japanese Man Arrested For Cutting Up Filipina Roommate’s Body

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    One of the top stories on today’s news broadcasts:

    A Japanese man who became the prime suspect in the murder of his Filipina hostess roommate was arrested Monday for mutilating her body, police said.

    Hiroshi Nozaki, 48, a resident of Tokyo’s Minato-ku and of unknown occupation, was arrested for the desecration of the body of his 22-year-old nightclub hostess roommate Honiefaith Ratilia Kamiosawa.

    What is most bizarre about this case is that the guy had committed a similar crime in the past:

    In January 2000, Nozaki was arrested for the illegal disposal in about spring 1999 of the body of a 27-year-old Filipina he had been dating. He was later convicted and served time in prison for the offense.

    Is this the case of a man who can’t afford to pay burial fees for his Filipina friends when they die of natural causes? The limited information available paints a strange picture. One almost gets the sense that Nozaki may have murdered the woman whose body he dumped in 1999, and that if police had properly investigated and charged him with a murder back at the time, this recent incident might not have occurred….

    Update: A few details from TV news broadcasts

    • Nozaki has been obsessed with Filipina hostess pubs for years, and the woman whose body he dumped in 1999 had worked as a hostess.
    • The victim worked at as a hostess in Roppongi, as did her roommates. Nozaki would come to their pub almost every day and seemed to be in love with Kamiosawa. He offered to pay half the rent on the apartment if he could move in with her, and she accepted.
    • Prior to her disappearance, Kamiosawa got into an argument with Nozaki and she demanded that he go away. Witnesses overheard Nozaki declare that he would kill her.
    • Nozaki gave authorities the information about the coin locker he had stashed most of Kamiosawa’s body in, but her head has still not been found.
    • Nozaki is exercising his right to remain silent and not telling police any more information.
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