Suicide Prevention Barriers For Yamanote Line

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    The Asahi Shinbun reports that JR East will install suicide prevention barriers on one of the busiest lines in Tokyo:

    The railway intends to complete the work at the 29 stations by fiscal 2017, JR East officials said. The estimated cost of the project was not available.

    JR East has already installed similar barriers at nine stations on the Tohoku and Nagano Shinkansen lines. The Yamanote Line project will be JR East’s first for a conventional line, they said.

    The barriers will open only after the trains arrive at the platforms.

    At the nine Shinkansen stations, no people have fallen or jumped on the tracks since the barriers were introduced in fiscal 2002.

    JR East will first install the barriers at two or three stations on the Yamanote Line on an experimental basis to check how train schedules may be affected by the safety devices.

    The company will also see if commuters are inconvenienced by the narrower platforms.

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