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    TV Tokyo’s TV Champion 2 held an origami competition last week in which Chuya Miyamoto challenged Satoshi Kamiya. Below are some clips from the final rounds of the competition.


    Challenge 1: Folding a Gyukaku yakiniku restaurant menu.

    • Kamiya created 3 heads that had menu items on their minds.
    • Miyamoto created a cow that happened to have different pictures of meat cuts shown on the menu coincide with parts of its body.

    Challenge 2: Folding a restaurant receipt

    • Miyamoto created a Gyukaku restaurant employee. The part of the receipt that had the Gyukaku logo on it has been folded so it is at the center of the apron worn by the figure.
    • Kamiya created a mother cow with a calf.

    Final Challenge: Fantasy Scene

    • Miyamoto created a scene of a fisherman battling a fish, apparently inspired by Hemmingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.
    • Kamiya created a scene based on the Greek myth of Perseus and Andromeda.

    The final result: The judges ruled in favor of Kamiya’s fantasy scene, confirming his place as TV Champion of origami.

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