The Poisoned Dumpling Blame Game

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    gyoza china

    The investigation into pesticide-tainted frozen Chinese-made gyoza has yet to find a definite culprit, but the Chinese government seems sure that the poisoning took place in Japan:

    The Chinese authorities, speaking on Thursday after a four-week investigation of the plant where the dumplings were made, gave their strongest statement yet that the manufacturer or Chinese individuals were not responsible for the poisoning.

    Yu Xinmin, a senior official with the Ministry of Public Security, said that “after careful investigation and tests, we believe there is little chance that methamidophos [the pesticide] was put into dumplings in China”. However, he would not say if he thought the poison was added in Japan.

    At the same news conference, Wei Chuanzhong, a senior official with China’s quality and safety regulator, said sabotage was the most likely cause: “We conclude that the dumpling poisoning incident is an individual contrived case instead of a case of food safety resulting from pesticide residue.” The factory, its suppliers and transport companies had all been investigated.

    Japanese police have said it is unlikely the dumplings were poisoned in Japan as the pesticide is banned in the country and traces of it have been found in some intact packages.

    The Yomiuri article about this includes mention of Chinese claims that experiments were conducted that prove the pesticide can seep into packages under “certain conditions such as appropriate temperature.” Japanese police have demanded the evidence to back up their claims.

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