Happy Cat Day / Takeshima Day 2008

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    It’s 2/22, which can only mean one thing: Cat Day & Takeshima Day!

    Cat Day News


    Cat Day seems to be getting more media attention this year, with stories such as this one about cat magazines giving out free cat food receiving top story treatment on sites like Yahoo! Japan.

    The Fukuoka store we mentioned in last year’s Cat Day post has put on another show of cat artwork, with about 10,000 sculptures created by 32 artists from across Japan:

    Cat Day fans will also be pleased to find that What Japan Thinks has posted a pretty cool translation of a “locations cats like to enter” ranking (yes, toilets and washing machines made the list).

    Takeshima Day News


    Takeshima Day is a Shimane Prefecture holiday that celebrates Japan’s territorial claim to the Korean-occupied Liancourt Rocks. I watched quite a bit of Japanese TV news today, but I did not see any mention of Takeshima. However, the Korean press seems to care about the holiday, and has printed an article about Korean ultra-nationalist protesters traveling to Shimane Prefecture to hold a protest.


    The Korean government’s overseas information service has also printed an article claiming that a university professor has discovered a map that proves the islets are in fact Korean. A post at the Dokdo-or-Takeshima blog has analyzed the article’s claim and concluded that it is a “shabby” joke.

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