Edison Chen Sex Pictures Uploaded By “Kira” [陈冠希不雅淫照事件]

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    gillian chung sex pic edison chen not naked

    Photo: Gillian Chung

    A scandal has overtaken the Chinese entertainment industry: actor Edison Chen’s personal library of naked pictures and screen captures from sex videos he filmed of famous women (including Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, Bobo Chan, etc) has been leaked onto the net by a mysterious individual calling himself “Kira.”

    The nickname “Kira” is taken from the Japanese manga/anime/film Death Note, and just like Death Note’s Kira, this guy seems to view himself as some sort of righteous crusader. Much like the fictional Kira, he taunts police as he gradually continues his campaign, and his continuing releases of photos/videos are bound to cause more misery for Asian celebs. It is rumored that his future uploads could include naked photos of Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama.

    Net News Asia has some analysis on the connections between Death Note and the Edison Chen sex picture scandal:

    In Death Note, Light jealously guards his book, knowing that if anyone else got hold of it, his days would be numbered. Edison wasn’t so smart. As we all know, he stupidly shared his Death Note, and his career was its first victim.

    Over the past fortnight, some person or persons unknown going by the name of Kira, has been using the contents of Edison’s laptop to dish out death and misfortune to the careers of anyone whose image appears in it.

    As Light grows increasingly cocksure, his campaign to clean up the planet turns into a game with the police that ultimately leads to his doom. Judging by his frequent updates and taunting messages, it seems the online Kira, like his celluloid namesake, is also a bit of a smartarse who’s enjoying the game, no matter how many people get hurt in the process.

    He must be enjoying the notoriety as well, because there’s a disturbing number of people on Web forums applauding Kira’s vigilante justice against what they see as hypocritical celebrities.

    Police are struggling to find those responsible for the picture leak and have even arrested 9 people for distributing the pictures, sparking free speech demonstrations in Hong Kong. They have yet to find the person who allegedly stole the images from Edison’s laptop, leaving the net to come up with lots of wacky theories about the identify of “Kira.”. [A few of my Chinese and Thai friends are convinced that “Kira” is not afraid of the police because they believe he is actually in Japan.]

    [Note: The Edison Chen sex scandal pictures can be downloaded if you just use this search!]

    bobo chen edison chen pics

    Update [February 20 2008]: Kira is still at large, and more pics of Edison and Bobo Chen have been released in the last few days. Meanwhile, the Chinese government is censoring Baidu searches for Edison Chen sex pics and an underworld figure has offered a HK$500,000 ($91,000) reward to hack off one of Chen’s hands.

    Update [February 29 2008]: Edison Chen has proposed to his girlfriend Vincy Yeung in a desperate attempt to avoid triad wrath. She did not accept his proposal.

    Some also believe that Edison Chen leaked the sex pics himself….

    (March 14 2008): A man has been charged with stealing the pics from Edison’s computer.

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