95 Foreigners Refused Entry Since Nov. 20 Start of Fingerprinting System

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    Kyodo news is running a story today citing statistics that show quite a few foreigners have been kicked out of Japan after being caught by the new immigration system:

    TOKYO — A total of 95 foreigners were refused entry into Japan in one month after Japan began fingerprinting and photographing foreign nationals at airports and seaports nationwide, the Justice Ministry said Tuesday. According to the Immigration Bureau, the number of foreign nationals who came to Japan totaled about 700,000 since the enforcement on Nov 20 of a revised immigration law.

    According to a Japanese language Mainichi Shinbun article, the 94 of the 95 foreigners refused entry were found to be individuals on a list of persons previously deported from Japan. Of those 94, 77 had changed their names in an attempt to enter Japan under a new passport, while 17 had attempted entry with forged passports.

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