Japanese TV Audiences Scammed by Brazilian “Psychic” Jucelino Nobrega da Luz

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    Last night, NTV aired a two hour special in which Brazilian “psychic” Jucelino Nobrega da Luz was worshiped as a man who can see the future without fail. Audiences were told that Jucelino accurately predicted just about every major disaster of the last 15 years well before they occurred [9/11, challenger explosion, Tokyo Subway gas attacks, London terror bombings, etc], and copies of “notarized” warning letters with the predictions on them were produced. Host Mina Monta and the panel of Japanese celebrity guests offered no criticism of Jucelino’s claims: they spent the whole show acting amazed by his powers.

    I watched about 75% of the show, but there was nothing about how Jucelino’s notary marks have been known to show signs of fraud, nor did they mention the many times he has made public predictions and been wrong. They also didn’t mention his ridiculous lawsuit demanding $25 million in reward money from the US government because he claimed to have predicted the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein.


    I understand that sometimes networks like to make entertaining shows about psychics, and it’s not good entertainment to expose them as the frauds they are. However, I was pretty damn disgusted when they revealed Jucelino’s claim of predicting Lindsay Hawker’s murder and proceeded to spend a good 20 minutes on this clown’s bullshit theories about the case.

    Here’s a video clip re-enacting the dream Jucelino had about the Hawker murder [NTV received no response from the Japanese embassy in Brazil regarding Jucelino’s claim to have sent them a warning letter about the murder a few months before it happened]:

    Jucelino offered some predictions about Tatsuya Ichihashi, who remains at large:

    • He is still alive.
    • He is working at a factory somewhere.
    • He is living in an apartment building, possibly one with a green roof.
    • He plans to flee Japan at the end of December 2007.

    After sending that information to the police, an NTV took Jucelino on a trip to find Ichihashi:


    They go to numerous factories and apartment buildings, and Jucelino kept saying that things looked similar to his dreams. Eventually they narrowed Ichihashi’s probably location down to a complex of green-roofed apartment buildings, informing the police their findings. If Jucelino’s predictions are true, the cops will have to act before the end of the month, or Ichihashi will have already fled the country.


    [PS: Wondering if this guy is for real? He’s claimed that an earthquake will hit Indonesia on December 23rd, so keep an eye out for news about it. I’m guessing this will fall under his “margin of error.”]

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