General Douglas MacArthur As You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

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    Ever seen Douglas MacArthur as a woman?


    This is an advertisement poster for Dawn Wind [黎明の風], an upcoming musical production from the all-female troupe Takarazuka Revue. Here is a description of the musical from the no-longer-available Takarazuka Wikipedia, which I have posted here via Google cache:

    Dawn Wind: Samurai Gentleman, Shirasu Jirou’s Challenge

    A production modeled after the life of Shirasu Jirou; the right-hand man of Yoshida Shigeru who assisted “behind the scenes” in the reconstruction and liberation of post-war Japan while following through with his own beliefs. He threatened MacArthur, saying “Just losing the war does not mean Japan has become America’s slave!”, was called “the only Japanese person who would not be submissive” by the GHQ, and left behind only a two-line will: “No funeral, no posthumous Buddhist name”. The Shirasu Jirou who ran forward through the Showa Era – his way of life, his love for his wife, his friendship with those who opposed him; a grand musical filled with his message of peace.

    1928: a year shrouded by dark clouds; the rise of the military; a world-wide crisis. After nine years of studying abroad at Cambridge University in England, Shirasu Jirou returns to his home country. At the same time Masako, the granddaughter of Viscount Kabayama, comes home after graduating from Heartridge High School in America. Since his junior high days Jirou has ridden around Kobe on his bicycle; a hooligan who could end any quarrel. His study abroad in England is under his father’s orders; an “exile” for this “wild child, despite his good upbringing”. On the other side, Masako is a noble young lady who instead of learning Noh takes interest in sports and marksmanship, and beats any man who dissatisfies her; a tomboy with the nickname “Idaten O-Masa”.

    Both having returned home, the two are arranged to have a marriage interview by Masako’s older brother. Having enjoyed in their youths in more advanced countries, they mutually spurn the proposal, saying “I can’t imagine marrying some backward Japanese man / woman!”; but the moment they lay eyes on each other they fall in love and are married. Jirou becomes a company man and brings his wife Masako on a business trip to Europe, and they meet a diplomat at the embassy in England: Yoshida Shigeru, who would later become the Prime Minister. The radio broadcasts an unsettling speech from Hitler, and the newspapers report the February 26 Incident in Japan. Back in his home country, Jirou reasons “If we rush into war, Japan will have difficulties with food rationing!” and takes up agriculture. Then, the defeat… For the purpose of governing Japan, Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers Douglas MacArthur arrives in Atsugi. At this time, Jirou receives communication that Yoshida Shigeru “wants him to lend a hand in the reconstruction of Japan as a member of the Central Liason Office” .

    With the MacArthur-led GHQ as his opponent, Jirou begins his “battle to create a new Japan”…

    The musical will run from February 8th until March 17th. For more details check out its official homepage (Japanese).


    [Hat tip to Ken Y-N]

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