The World’s Largest Cardboard Vortex Cannon

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    Cardboard box vortex cannons are really friggin’ cool, and they are often used to entertain Japanese school children in science class. Because of this exposure to vortex cannons, a viewer requested that the television program Hey! Spring of Trivia, create a gigantic vortex cannon and see if it could blow out candles the same way smaller ones do.


    To accomplish this feat, FTV rented out the interior of the Saitama Super Arena and spent 9 hours carefully taping together 900 kilograms of cardboard sheets and forming them into a 10 meter high cardboard cube (video here). Since the cardboard shape could not support itself, metal frames were used to keep it from collapsing. After using fog machines to fill it up, they were ready to test if it could produce vortices of smoke that were capable of blowing out candles.

    Here are the results:

    10 meters
    20 meters
    30 meters

    Result: The gigantic vortex cannon was able to blow out candles at distances of 10 meters, 20 meters, and 21 meters. It was incapable of blowing out candles at greater distances.

    Wanna try this at home on a smaller scale? Directions on how to make your own cardboard box vortex cannon can be found here in English or here in Japanese (with pictures).

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