Zainichi Koreans in Japan (Al Jazeera Reports)

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    An Al Jazeera report about ethnic Koreans in Japan:

    The report focuses on how Zainichi Koreans suffer discrimination and racism, particularly in situations such as applying for a job or searching for housing. North Korean schools in Japan are depicted as positing for their role in helping preserve the ethnic identity of Zainichi Koreans, and the portraits of brutal dictators hanging on their walls are given a positive spin. Towards the end of the video it is mentioned that Zainichi Koreans can obtain Japanese citizenship, but many choose to remain foreign citizens because of those who become Japanese are subject to resentment from the Korean community. According to one man interviewed, Zainichi Koreans “bear a responsibility” to never take the citizenship of the country they live in as a means of preserving their identity and their history of victimhood and suffering at the hands of the Japanese. However, the now common reality of intermarriage between Zainichi Koreans and Japanese could threaten this ideal.


    [Hat tip to Julián Ortega Martínez]

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