Japanese Dolphin Hunt

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    Dressed for a Protest

    Foreign protesters attempted to interrupt this year’s dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan:

    Anti-whaling protesters led by actress Hayden Panettiere have mounted an extraordinary attack on Japanese fisherman during their annual dolphin slaughter.

    The 18-year-old star of the TV blockbuster Heroes joined six protesters on surfboards in a valiant attempt to reach dolphins the fishermen wanted to kill off the east coast of Japan.

    But before the Australian and American surfers could reach the dolphins, a fishing boat intervened using the boat’s propellers to block their way.


    After about 10 minutes of attempting to stop the fishermen, the protesters gave up and returned to the shore. A video of the event can be seen here:
    Surfers try to dissuade Japanese fisher

    In the video we can see that the Japanese fishermen were very angry, and some of them were shouting at the news cameras. The video also shows the surfers quickly fleeing the scene of the protest before police arrive, apparently because the police were “on the side” of the fishermen.

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