Nova President Sahashi’s Ridiculously Luxurious Office

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    It seems that every day since the collapse of Nova brings new discoveries of shady practices by its president and management. Today the press discovered the palace-like private office Nozomu Sahashi built for himself at the company’s expense [hats off to FTV’s news staff for adding the dramatic music]:

    The whereabouts of Sahashi, dismissed from the Nova board last Thursday, remains unknown.

    Higashibata also allowed the media inside the Nova president’s room at the company’s administrative headquarters in Osaka. “We show this as an example of his (Sahashi) calling the company his own,” he said.

    At the back of the red-carpeted reception room of the 330-square-meter executive suit on the 20th floor of the building is a luxury private space including a dining room with a large-screen TV, a bathroom with a sauna, a Japanese-style tea room and a room with a double bed.

    Oh, and in other Sahashi news, it’s been found that he probably unfairly profited from sales of overpriced video phones used for Nova lessons. Ripping off students with overpriced products? Who would have thought!

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