World Speed Walking Champion Attacked by Samurai: Will he Run Away or Speed Walk Away?

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    In this English-subtitled video of Japanese TV uploaded by YouTuber Morizaemon, Hey! Spring of Trivia plays a cruel joke on racewalking champion Jefferson Perez. They wanted to see what would happen if Perez was attacked by a gang of sword-wielding samurai: would he rely on his expert racewalking skills to get away, or would he simply run away? Watch the clip and find out:

    Having seen this when it originally aired on Japanese TV, I remember the film crew had spent some time with Perez earlier that day, rigging a TV set to air a fake news report about samurai attacks. Perez seemed somewhat disturbed by the news report, and the film crew told him some BS about how samurai attacks were a major problem in Japan. Apparently their trick worked, because Perez was pretty freaked out when Samurai entered the stadium and went after him!

    If memory serves me right, there was also a Hey! Spring of Trivia segment in which they timed Perez racewalking between apartments and train stations and later compared them to the walking distance times real estate agents had officially listed for the locations. Does anyone know if that clip has made it’s way onto YouTube as well?

    [via TV in Japan]

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