The World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail

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    There are few mountain tourist trails as dangerous as the above pictured route on Mt. Hua in China’s Shaanxi Province. Not only does much of the trail consist of narrow footpaths and extremely steep staircases, but there are also a few sections where hikers must scale across cliffs on a rusty chain and some foot-sized holes chiseled in the rock. There’s even a place where one must descend a 20 meter chain to reach the continuation of the trail!

    Here’s a video of a Japanese TV show visiting the trail:

    The video report claims that sometimes about 100 climbers a year fall to their deaths on the trail. Luckily, people who don’t want to risk death can take a far safer trail on the other side of the mountain!

    For more information on Mt. Hua, check out this post at BestHike and this photo gallery at Damn Cool Pics [the source of the pics in this post].

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