Japanese Water Bottle Technique has Spread

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    Or perhaps it’s the other way around.
    If you spend a certain amount of time in Japan, you are likely to notice old plastic bottles filled with water. The idea is that they will scare away cats.
    Well, now this article on Neatorama comes along, making one wonder what idea got transfered to where, and who confused dogs with cats. Or maybe it’s a kind of parallel evolution thing. So yeah. Maltese dogs are supposedly warded off with water bottles.

    How about some other Japanese street-ornamentation traditions/superstitions we can cover while we’re at it:
    Raccoon statues have giant magical balls because they bring you luck.
    Cat statues with one paw up invite customers.
    Fish flags help our boys grow up stout.
    Salt dishes are laid outside of restaurants because… well there are theories, but if anyone knows for sure, drop a comment.
    In fact, can you think of any more to add to the list? Heck, we’ll even take other countries’ things, such as Maltese ones. No falcons though. *rim shot*

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