Why Don’t Japanese Men Kiss Their Wives?

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    A few weeks ago, a show aired on Japanese TV that made some interesting comparisons between Japan and the rest of the world. Most of the data on the show as in ranking form, such as this chart showing how often a day married couples kiss around the world:


    If it wasn’t for Korea, Japan would have been dead last in the ranking. A dismal 0.56 daily kisses caused the show to state that it was an example of “Bad Nippon.” To investigate why foreigners kiss more often, the show assembled a panel of foreign TV talento to debate the kiss issue with some Japanese celebrities:

    A crude summary of their discussion:


    Pakkun and the other foreign guys rip into Japanese men, stating that they are shocked that Japanese husbands do not kiss their wives more often. Surely if one has love and affection for one’s wife, one would at least kiss her once or twice a day! And what about expressing one’s appreciation for all the cooking and cleaning one’s wife does? They could not understand why Japanese couples kiss all the time before marriage, but after the wedding vows were exchanged, the kisses abruptly ended. Where’s the love?!

    The Japanese men respond to this barrage of criticism by claiming that there are more ways to express your love and appreciation than kissing: Isn’t it okay to just say “thank you” to your wife and give her a shoulder massage? Kisses are only appropriate when one is in a certain extraordinary emotional state, so why kiss our wives every day when even when we’re not in such a state? Panelist Saito-san gives a passionate statement about how he shows his deep love for his wife by working hard,making money, and paying off loans so that he can support his household for many years. The foreigners are not impressed by these arguments.


    It’s an interesting issue, and it would be great if some organization could carry out a more in depth survey. I’d like to see how marital kissing differs by age of couples, particularly to examine whether or not the younger generations are closer to their foreign counterparts. One could also check if the Japanese couples that don’t kiss very often are also the folks responsible for dragging down their nation’s rank in surveys that name the Japanese as having the least active sex life in the world [this ranking was not featured on the show].

    The kissing segment of the show may have made Japan look a bit “bad,” but they followed it up with an international ranking of countries with the most robots. Sure enough, Japan won:

    After announcing that Japan was number one, the announcers declared the result an example of “Good Nippon” and everyone applauded. At that moment, the floor beneath the Japanese celebrity guests began to rise, putting them above all the foreign guests seated next to them. Way to pat yourself on the back, Nippon!

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