10 Japanese Coffee Commercials Starring Tommy Lee Jones

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    We’ve posted about Tommy Lee Jone’s commercials for Boss Coffee before, but since the series of ads were honored at the All Japan 47th TV/Radio Commercial Festival last week, I thought this would be a good time to post the entire series. Here are the 10 “Alien Jones” commercials that have aired so far:

    1. The original, with Tommy Lee Jones eating at a restaurant while two men have a conversation about how there could be aliens visiting earth, maybe some of whom take the form of movie stars like Tommy Lee Jones!

    2. Alien Jones get a job and learns to appreciate drinking can coffee at after a hard day’s work.

    3. He gets a job at a store and observes that humans love the price 1980 yen.

    4. Working as a deliveryman, Jones discovers the reason why human deliverymen always seem to be rushing.

    5. Jones gets another parking ticket. This planet’s parking police are quite strict.

    6. The thing these humans call “singing” is hard on the ears, except for the songs of Aki Yashiro.

    7. Jones get a job at a host club and observes that this planet’s tanning salons are truly amazing.

    8. Jones passes out fliers on the street while wondering why the heck these humans live alongside dogs. However, the mameshiba breed of dogs is pretty cute…

    9. Jones is airport security man pissed off at parents who can’t control their kids.

    10. Jones leaves earth, but is forced back by his love for our can coffee (commercial co-stars Dave Spector and Yukorin).

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