Butt-Biting Bug Song Breaks Top 10

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    Remember the bizarre song from a Japanese kids’ show about a butt-biting bug? The latest singles chart show that Oshiri kajiri mush has broken into the top 10:

    Ayaka’s new single remained at #5, experiencing a sales boost since last week. Electropop idol trio Perfume reached #7 with “Polyrhythm,” their first single to debut in the top ten. Meanwhile, the popular children’s song “Oshiri Kajiri Mushi” climbed up to #8. This is the first time since Masafumi Akikawa’s “Sen no Kaze ni Natte” that a song has reached the top 10 after debuting outside of the top 100.

    A music program interviewed Uruma / Derubi, a married animator/song writer couple responsible for the song:

    They claim the idea came to them one day while Derubi was doing some cleaning. Uruma noticed that his wife’s butt was totally sticking out and told her, “Watch out! With your butt is sticking out like that, a butt-biting bug might come along and bite it!”

    If that’s not a great way to think of a song, I don’t know what is.

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