Original Japanese Simpsons Voice Actors Replaced, Fans Outraged

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    The new Japanese Simpsons: Tokoro Joji (Homer), Akiko Wada (Marge), Tamura Atsushi (Bart), and Becky (Lisa)

    Japan entertainment news blog Ryuganji reported yesterday that the upcoming release of the new Simpsons movie has ignored the Japanese voice acting cast (which has been dubbing the series on cable TV for years) and replaced them with popular TV personalities. It’s clearly an attempt to make mainstream Japanese audiences come out to theaters and watch the film, since the vast majority of Japanese people have never watched the show and their only exposure to the Simpsons characters has been through a series of CC Lemon commercials a few years ago:

    Today Ryuganji also reported the news that a determined group of Japanese Simpson fans have started a movement demanding that the original voice acting cast be used for the movie. The blog, located at http://d.hatena.ne.jp/SERIZO/, contains lots of pictures expressing their views, such as this one:

    The names of the original voice actors are written below their Simpsons style character drawings, with a message that probably should read “Not the Voices, Not the Simpsons.”

    They also have a message to any English-speaking readers of their blog:

    Welcome to my blog.

    This blog’s name is “The Simpsons Movie Voice Actor Change Opposition Blog”.

    The voice actors will be changed by FOX Japan.

    This situation is too bad. We Japanese fans want to stop it.

    Could you tell this news to many Internet sites or media as soon as possible?

    Please help Japanese The Simpsons fans and save The Simpsons!!

    I’m collecting signatures of The Simpsons fans to oppose the idea of FOX Japan.

    I would like you to sign it.

    Please go to this page, ” http://b4.spline.tv/serizo/ “.

    And write your name, e-mail address and comments.

    Nobody can see your e-mail address.

    I really appreciate your coming. Thank you.

    It’s unlikely that such a small group of fans will triumph over FOX Japan, but I still wish them the best of luck in their campaign.

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