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Chinese Chocolate: May Contain Live Worms

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    The Japanese media is spending a great deal of its effort covering the Asashoryu sumo scandal, but they have found time to report on the latest Chinese product scare:

    Details on the same story shown in the above video in English, from the India Times:

    On Wednesday (August 29).. worms and moths crawled out of a box of chocolates imitating a popular international brand, and even a few larvae. But by the time this was noticed, a few chocolate balls had been consumed. The chocolates were picked up by a Korean consumer on his trip to China. But local manufactoring experts say it looks as though the contamination happened during the manufactoring process.

    “It seems to be seriously contaminated during the manufacturing process since the larvae of Plodia Interpun were found,” says Professor Ahn Young-chul at Eulji University.

    A worm crawls out of holes in chocolate made in South KoreaReports suggest that worms were found in some chocolates made in Korea as well. But the news about the ‘China Chocolates’ adds to the already-damaged “Made in China” brand.

    Not long after this story broke, China announced that it had discovered some microscopic worms in wooden packaging from the United States. I haven’t heard any reports about that on Japanese TV yet, and I doubt it will get the kind of coverage that shocking images of plainly visible worms crawling out of food products generate.

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    New Creepy Cat Robot Goes On Sale In Japan

    Fuji Television’s Mezamashi TV did a report this morning on Sega Toys’ “Yume Neko Smile” [Dream Cat Smile], which hits stores across Japan today. Here’s the video [what’s with the weird-bearded old guy?]:

    This commercial for the robo cat also shows off its two main emotions [“meow” and “angry sound”] and amazing ability to tell when its tail is being pulled:

    If that’s not enough robo cat for you, here’s a demonstration that shows off a few more of the robot’s abilities:

    Sega’s robo cat has a retail price of 8,379 yen, or about 72 US dollars. For more details, check out the official “Yume Neko Smile” page at!


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    Asashoryu Goes Back To Mongolia

    Sumo Grand Champion Asashoryu, currently suspended because of he faked an injury to take a vacation, flew back to Mongolia yesterday. Given the amount of media coverage Asashoryu’s scandal has been getting, one shouldn’t have been surprised to see his flight home turn into a media circus. Not only did the media wait at the airport for him, but they also bought seats on the plane so that they could film him while he slept! Here’s a video of the flight:

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    Billy Blanks Is Coming Back To Japan

    After having made buckets of money during a short promotional trip to Japan a couple months ago, fitness guru Billy Blanks has announced that he will once again visit Japan. This time Blanks will be holding a series of Billy’s Bootcamp Japan Tour 2007 events in Yokohoma, Kobe, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

    Hopefully we’ll get a few more wacky television apperances out of this trip!


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