Pizza Hut Japan Has Created A Monster

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    Behold, Pizza Hut Japan’s new 646-calorie-a-slice Double Roll pizza:

    One half of the pizza is the hamburg section, with the following ingredients:

    • hamburg
    • corn
    • paprika
    • crust stuffed with mini sausages and bacon (advertised as tasting really great with ketchup on it!)

    The other half is the “gourmet” section:

    • Italian sausage
    • ham
    • bacon
    • bacon bits
    • sliced tomato
    • onions
    • green pepper
    • garlic chips
    • basil
    • black pepper
    • crust stuffed with cheddar and mozzarella cheese (advertised as tasting really great when you put honey maple syrup on it!)

    The pizza costs 2500 yen for a medium (about $20) and 3550 yen for a large (29 dollars). More details can be found at the Pizza Hut Japan homepage.

    [via Plastic Bamboo]

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