Harry Potter & The Japanese Schoolgirls

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    On last night’s episode of Let’s Go To School, Daniel Radcliffe visited a Japanese girls’ high school. Unlike Billy Blane’s visit to a girls’ high school on a previous episode of the show, this week’s program was all about entertaining and suprising the visiting foreign celebrity. It started with lots of screaming as Daniel arrived at the school:

    After his screaming Japanese schoolgirl reception, Daniel was taken to several classrooms to be entertained. Since Daniel’s visit was all about promoting the new Harry Potter movie, the schoolgirls showed him some magic tricks:

    After witnesses magic drinks, he was taken to a magic music class:

    And then a “normal” classroom, with lots of late students:

    Finally, Radcliffe answered some questions from the girls, who had gone through great pains to memorize what they wanted to ask in English. At the end of the Q&A session, the girls presented him with a magical gift [Jesus! Looks like he was a bit surprised…]:

    Apparently it was Daniel Radcliffe’s first appearance on a Japanese variety show, which might explain why he seemed so nervous and easily surprised. Maybe after a few more appearances, he’ll be able to handle such bizarre shows with as much skill as Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom have.

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