Coke Machine Robot Vending Machine Red: Now Subtitled!

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    Vending Machine Red, the bizarre coke machine robot whose videos we featured before, has gone international! It seems that the folks behind the videos have decided to upload English-subtitled versions of Vending Machine Red to YouTube. Unfortunately, the marketing team behind Vending Machine Red didn’t feel like they needed to hire a native English speaker to do their translation work, since the English is awkward and doesn’t necessarily reflect the Japanese being spoken. Oh well, it’s still cool:

    Episode 1: Walking the streets

    Episode 2: Meeting other vending machines

    Episode 3: Reading the newspaper

    Episode 4: Facing security at the national diet building

    Episode 5: A Coca-Cola Zero version of Vending Machine Red appears!

    Episode 6: Coke Zero vs. Saigo Takamori

    Episode 7: Dancing with otaku in Akihbara

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