Gravure Idol Fuko And Her P-Cup Breasts

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    How big is too big? I think many would agree that former sex worker Fuko, whose 120cm P-cup bust has launched her career as a gravure model, crosses the line into the realm of the freakish:

    The doctor who examines her in the above video concedes that her breasts are the biggest he has ever examined. He also states that breast size in Japan is increasing, something he contributes to diet and lifestyle changes in the younger generations.

    Even with the trend of increasing breast size, it’s probably unlikely that many Japanese women will be able to have 120cm busts that they can use as gloves while playing catch:

    And hence we can expect Fuko to remain an amazing oddity, with her apperances on Japanese TV preceeded by the Indiana Jones soundtrack….

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    36 comments - What do you think?   Posted by James - June 26, 2007 at 3:05 pm

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    • ashredrum

      What is GOTEI on the dudes belt at the end of video 3?

    • ashredrum


    • Dani

      very disturbing, it’s like a butt on her chest… O.o;

    • Roaf

      Wow! She must get two black eyes every time she runs for the train.

    • the overthinker

      She’s a bit padded, and would probably drop a size or three if she was as skinny as most girls here, and her breasts, while impressive, are about as sexy as Konishiki’s.

      Goutei (豪邸) is a luxury house, a mansion (in western terms).

      • Lia Pardee

        Well, according to her wikipedia page, she has a 24-inch waist which is a healthy waist size and her waist actually looks smaller than that to me.

        And I don`t think the padding of her bikini or whatever would make them look bigger considering her bikini top is squishing her boobs. Padding, which I don`t think is actually there, would therefore not help make her boobs look bigger.

        I`m pretty sure they are real and just somehow grew to that size.

    • Me3

      I have no problems with this. No sir.

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    • madne0

      I never thought there was a thing as excessively large breasts.
      Now i do.

    • yotan

      pfffft. it’s actually not that impressive- it only looks that way because she’s so damn tiny and is wearing a tiny bikini as well. Her breasts are an american D-cup. I’d know because I have similar measurements to her.

      • Steve Schapiro

        Perhaps not, Yotan, but you certainly come off sounding jealous.

      • MAPS

        Do you actually think that breasts that big are just D-cups in America?

        Not only are you jealous, you’re also very stupid.

      • Lia Pardee

        Yotan, I`m sorry but those are clearly bigger than an american D-cup. And, yes, 120cm is quite a large or “impressive” bust measurement considering she`s skinny but I think it looks unproportional, no offense to Fuko of anything.

        Also, to all the guys saying “Bigger is better”, are you saying you`d fuck someone with a cow-like face as long as she has big tits? Boob size isn`t the only thing that makes a woman physically appealling. A man who has experience with beautiful women would know that so I think it is safe to assume all you men who are like “The bigger, the better” must not get much good action. Sorry guys but only a loser would say that.

        • dave

          actually losers wouldn’t say that, a lot of men like huge tits get over it, just like tons of other people like feet, or other body parts its a fetish and huge tits are a common fetish among men so get off your high horse

    • Akoua Doffou

      Oh my god!!! *faints*

    • J

      GROSS…it’s like the cottage cheese factory let go and is spilling out the sides of that bra. Wrong top for that girl…..

    • thx2357

      Proportionality is the key, I think.
      Whether or not you want to debate the “true” size of her breasts, or think that she could lose a few pounds, the fact is, standing next to a woman this petite, who is sporting a chest of that size….well, it has to be awfully attractive, to say the least.
      Everything else, after all, is so accommodatingly girl-sized…. right?

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    • doc audio

      Very interesting to look at. Almost like a horrific traffic accident, I cannot look away.
      Also, Yotan I know you are jealous, but there is no way your D-cups look like hers. Besides, you are a male and MOOBS are hideous.

    • rcn

      Sure they are big… really big…

    • Nico

      Nonsense! Breasts are never too big. Especially these. We need more Japanese girls with breasts this size!

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    • = )

      the bigger the better …

    • Kyjimbo

      […] whoa.. she has some big breasts but it just looks that way in porportion to her body.

      and yeah 120cm P-cup bust is pretty close the DD in america. but its really about porportion. she’s so small, and wearing a small bikini, that it makes her breast look almost too big.

    • nicky

      Personally, I find Fuko attractive physically, but I wonder about her personality. I think attractive people rarely need to do anything apart from smile to find partners, so often can be quite shallow as people.
      At the moment she is a star, but what about when she is older? What will she do? She can’t rely on her breasts to support her her whole life. I don’t think they’re too big. I think they are beautiful. What I don’t find attractive is women who have their breasts enlarged to ridiculous sizes.

    • Xushi

      o.o o.O O.O damn those must get in the way… i mean even a B gets in the way sometimes…..haha

    • OneManBukkakeSquad

      Fuko is gorgeous, not just for her obvious assets which are large without being “freakish” (See Norma Stitz for my point) but for her air of being silly. If she could cook, I’d marry her, as that smile is awesome.

    • Stan

      Um, does no-one here understand how cup sizes are measured? Since it doesn’t give her underbust size, 120cms could be very big on a girl of her size. Not all D cups are the same; the circumference of the bust will vary depending on how large your ribcage is. For example, in the UK, a 32D gives a bust of about 35inches (90cms), whereas a 38D has a bust of around 41inches (105cms).

    • Gary

      Luvly Jubbly! Nice!

    • jp

      for those who don’t know. the cup size is about 2 sizes bigger over there, but she does have a 45″ bust size witch is huge for someone thats only 5′ tall. my ex was an E cup and she wasn’t that big

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    • t_akio

      i do not care if she cannot cook or clean, all i care about is can i make it into medical school?

    • Fear-TheFifthHorseman

      I think she is perfect and my ultimate dream girl

    • Kabayo

      I think she wonderful, and she can call me anytime…

    • Kai Langley

      All i can think about is weather she gets a bad back or not, cause honestly, if shes that skinny and her breast are that big, thats gotta lead to some health problems. :/

    • Chris

      Nowadays she is a hostess at the delivery health club Blenda in Kyoto, her and Rin Kajika another ex-AV idol with giganormous L-cup breasts, they charge extremely high rates per hour for escort and even higher for sex, but it’s definitely worth it at least once if you have some money to waste, sex with two massive racked Asians as you will never get in any other way, you can get both together if they are available at the same time and agree, taxi fees at your charge both ways and luxury hotel room only. They enjoyed my 8 inches trust me. Note that none of them will do anal, probably because of cultural differences.