Japanese Underwear Thief Busted With A Stash Of Over 8,000 Items

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    When underwear thieves are arrested in Japan, the police and media often treat the event in a similar way to how a major drug bust would be reported in America. The police give the media impressive statistics about the number of panties stolen, and much like at drug bust press conferences abroad, they line up the “goods” along the floor of a big room to show off how monumental their find was. This video report of a man busted in Osaka is no different:

    A man under indictment for stealing a woman’s kimono had collected about 8,200 items of women’s underwear and other clothing at his one-room apartment here and wrapped himself in some of the clothes when he slept, investigators said.

    Local police were forced to mobilize five mini buses to transport the clothing — including a wedding dress — they had confiscated from the apartment to the police station.

    The suspect, 60-year-old Maeyasu Kawamura, admitted that he had stolen a massive amount of women’s clothes. “Over the past decade I’ve randomly stolen women’s clothes and underwear,” he was quoted as saying during questioning.

    There have been other recent reports of underwear thieves in Japan who stole 400 items, 1700 items, and 2500 items. But when it comes to sheer volume of panties, they’ll not even close to this guy…

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