Creepy Robot Baby CB2

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    FNN takes a look at the CB2(“CB Square”), a child-sized robot that may one day help scientists better understand the child development process:

    A child-sized android with flexible joints and soft skin developed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency was unveiled Friday at Osaka University, where the agency’s research and development team is based.

    The 1.3-meter-tall, 33 kilogram humanoid robot has optical, auditory and tactile sensors. Fifty-one actuators inside its body run on compressed air and enable the robot to make complex movements smoothly.

    About 200 tactile sensors are embedded in the robot’s gray skin, which is made of silicon and other materials. The robot can react to its surroundings by blinking and altering its facial expressions.

    The robot, which has the physical ability of a 1- or 2-year-old toddler, can turn over and stand up with assistance.

    Here’s a couple more news reports about the robot:

    Want to see more of CB2? Just wait until you go to sleep tonight: he’ll be in your nightmares.

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