Choi Hong Man In A Tight Spot

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    The object of this Japanese gameshow is pretty simple: squeeze through the hole in the moving wall, or be pushed into the water. This episode was a battle between the blue team (featuring Eiji Wentz) and the red team (featuring South Korean K-1 figher Choi Hong Man):

    Video 1 (Game rules explained + Wentz attempts a very difficult wall)
    Video 2 (Stretch and jump!)
    Video 3 (At over 7 feet tall and 352 pounds, Choi Hong Man might be a bit too large for this game…)

    [note: Breaking the wall in half counts as passing, since he wasn’t pushed into the water!]

    Video 4 (A few more challenges)
    Video 5 (The final round!)

    And the winner is: Choi Hong Man’s red team!

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