Cute Cat Serves As Stationmaster in Japan

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    Back in January, I posted about Wakayama Electric Railway’s decision to appoint a cat named Tama as a stationmaster. According to a news report that aired yesterday, Tama has become a major tourist attraction, drawing many visitors who ride the Kishigawa Line’s special strawberry motif train:

    As the report shows, Tama is now the centerpiece of Kishi Station, sitting upon his thrown and wearing a cute little cap while people take his picture. The station’s shopowner, who cares for Tama and two feline deputy stationmasters, carries him out to the platform to wave goodbye to each train as it leave. Awww…how cute.

    Here are a couple more videos of the world-famous cat in action…

    A home video from aomonoya of the feline stationmaster waving bye-bye to the ichigo train:

    Another news report with more kitty waving action:

    I can only imagine that his loud meowing is cat language for, “I’m so happy that you are forcing my leg to wave while wear this big hat on my head!”

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