Japanese Language Call Center Launched in India

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    After taking over the English-speaking market, Indian call centers may soon be doing the work of many Japanese companies. However, it might not be Indians answering the phones:

    Espire Infolabs and MasterPiece Group and Success TRC have launched India’s first Japanese language call centre in New Delhi, the companies announced. Japanese operators are working in this call centre for inbound and outbound processes using Japanese language.


    Speaking on the joint venture, Amit Rai, chief executive, Espire Infolabs, said, “It’s a proud moment for Espire and India. In a way we have come a full circle, from initially offshoring and sending people abroad to having foreign nationals live and work in India.”

    In Masterpiece India Co. Ltd, the executives would be a mixture of both Indians and Japanese nationals with Indians having the Japanese skill set. This venture will reduce the labour cost to half in comparison to the BPO’s in Japan. In turn, India shall be benefitted with the foreign employment generation. Large number of Japanese people will come to India to work for one year and, at the same time, learn English, Hindi and Yoga in India while working at the call centre in New Delhi.

    If this plan actually works, will we see a wave of new businesses aimed at exploiting the cheap labor of Japanese people who want to study abroad?

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