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    Two days ago, a friggin’ huge shark was captured off the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture. Fisherman attempted to bring the huge fish to an aquarium, but it did not survive the process. At the time, the news media was unsure of exactly what type of shark it was, but it has since been identified as a basking shark. The shark was 9-meters long and weighed over 4.5 tons, making it the largest shark of its kind captured in Japanese waters. Here’s a video of a very excited Japanese reporter at the scene of the gigantic shark corpse:

    The workers in the video are busy scraping the guts out of the shark and putting them in buckets so the creature can be stuffed and put on display at an aquarium. They aren’t exactly ethusiastic about the reporter’s “WOW THAT’S A REALLY BIG SHARK! WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE BEING IN THE BELLY OF A GIANT SHARK? LOL” questions.

    Here’s another clip from a news program that built a 1:1 scale mock-up of the shark in their study. It gives viewers a much better idea of just how big the shark was:

    Once it’s stuffed, the shark will be going on display at Aqua World Oarai. No word yet on whether they’re planning to put the buckets of shark guts on display too…

    [Hat Tip to Japanjin for the article link and information.]

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