Japan-Korea netizen war heats up following the Virginia Tech / Nagasaki shootings, hits YouTube

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    The revelation that the Virginia Tech shooting was carried out by a South Korean citizen must have been a dream come true for some in the Japanese language blogosphere. It wasn’t long before Japanese blogs began posting links to postings on Korean websites that pre-dated the announcement that the shooter at Virginia tech was South Korean. Some of the postings were just comments from random netizens assuming that a Chinese or Japanese was responsible. Others, such as an anti-American political cartoon about the shooting from a Seoul newspaper, were higher profile (the cartoonist responsible for one of the comics has since apologized). Not suprisingly, the ugliness has spread to YouTube.

    One YouTube, user, going by the name Fuckorean1, has uploaded a video to YouTube which focuses on anti-American political cartoons that appeared in South Korean newspapers after the shooting occurred:

    A re-uploaded copy of the original video:

    The video has been viewed over 52,000 times and is now near the top of the most-viewed videos on YouTube for today, and its comment section is a truly ugly mess of hate [Update: The video has been removed by YouTube. I assume it is because they banned “fuckorean” for having a username like that, since the video itself was no worse than thousands of other videos on the site. As a consolation, I’ve added two similar video clips in its place, to give you an idea of the original video’s contents.]. Judging from the awkward English used in in the English translations in the video clip (and the visibility of those comic strips on Japanese blogs), it’s not unreasonable to assume that the creator of the video was probably Japan. In between the usual “Fuck you Japs” and “Korean are ugly” comments, there are a bunch of comments from users indentifying themselves as Japanese netizens who are embarassed that a fellow Japanese has uploaded such a video to YouTube (other commenters have accused them of being Koreans pretending to be Japanese). We can probably expect a lot of similar videos in the days and weeks to come, but I doubt any of them will get as many views as this one has…

    Shortly after the killing of Nagasaki’s mayor by a gangster a couple days ago, Japanese netizens began to speculate that the killer was actually a Zainichi Korean. It’s well-known that a considerable percentage of Yakuza members are social outcasts such as burakumin and Koreans, so many Japanese netizens believed a blogger that had claimed to have “confirmed” that the criminal was in fact ethnically Korean. However, this claim has since been revealed as false.

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