A good example of how to deal with vendors selling the Foreigner Crime File magazine

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    French blogger Thomas Bertrand reports on an encounter with the the “Gaijin Ura Hanzai File” at a bookstore in his town [the above photo was taken by Thomas]:

    I’m a french blogger, living in Kyoto since 4 years.
    Today, I found the racist magazine in a “kumazawa syoten” store in Kyoto. As you can see on the picture, the magazine was presented on the front of the shelves…
    I took the 3 magazines diplayed and talked with the shop manager.

    I was kind of surprised and he promised me the immediate removal of this magazine.

    Kumazawa home page= http://www.kumabook.net/

    Bravo, Thomas! You can read his entry about the magazine here (in French).

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