Is Mainichi Shinbun cleaning up its headlines in its English edition?

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    Earlier this week, I posted a link to an article that cited statistics that showed a 16.2% decrease in crime by foreigners in the last year. Here’s how Mainichi Shinbun covered the story, as pointed out by From the inside, looking in:

    For a taste of Japanese journalism, I point you to the reporting of the statistics by the Mainichi newspaper.

    The Japanese version.
    The English version.

    • The Japanese headline reads: Foreigner Crime: Increasing in the regions (ie outside Tokyo) – Up 35-fold in the Chubu Region in 15 years
    • The English headline: Number of crimes committed by nonpermanent foreigners declines in Tokyo (I see they can’t even concede that it decreased on a national aggregate level)

    Hmm…interesting how a sensationalist headline about rising crime by foreigners can magically “translated” into a less offensive English headline about a decrease in crime! If you want to complain to Mainich about it, follow these instructions. [Thanks, Ponta!]

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