Natto Frenzy!!

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    Actress Aya Ueto enjoys some natto toast

    Young women are going crazy about natto, according to the Mainichi Shinbun:

    A television program claiming that natto, a strong-smelling food made from fermented soybeans, could help people lose weight has sparked a buying frenzy across the country, causing some manufacturers to run out of the product.

    Manufacturers are trying to boost their supplies, but shortages reportedly remain widespread, and some manufacturers have even taken out newspaper ads apologizing for the shortages.

    Sales of natto surged following a program aired on FTV on Jan. 7. The program introduced a man and woman who had lost weight after eating natto for two weeks. The isoflavone contained in the beans was said to increase a specific type of hormone in the body, proving beneficial for people on diets.

    If I had to choose between regularly eating foul-smelling and annoyingly-stringy rotting soybeans and being fat, I’d probably pick the latter.

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