Super smart chimp Pan-kun’s birthday special (videos)

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    Here are a few videos I recored of genius chimpanzee Pan-kun in action (from last week’s episode of Shimura Zoo):

    Clip 1: Ken Shimura takes Pan-kun to an expensive hot springs hotel and gets the largest room. They play a traditional Japanese children’s game in which you must freeze when the person who is “it” turns around. Pan-kun almost masters the game. Afterwards they go to the hot spring and enjoy the hot water.

    Clip 2: Pan-kun takes James’ puppies for a walk and runs into various difficulties. He also goes to a bakery and buys a cake.

    Clip 3: A sneaky hawk tries to steal Pan-kun’s cake. Afterwards everyone has a party to celebrate Pan-kun’s birthday.

    I know it’s retarded, but I’m still impressed with Pan-kun’s feats…

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