Disgusting Mayo Combinations

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    If there’s one thing I hate about food in Japan, it’s the excessive presence of mayonnaise. The Japanese put mayonnaise on almost everything. If you’re eating fries, you’ll dip them in mayo/ketchup mix. If you’re eating vegetables in a school lunch, they’re covered in mayonnaise. If you’re eating karage (Japanese fried chicken), it’s not rare to pick them up with your chopsticks and dip them in mayonnaise before putting them in your mouth. Do you want to order a pizza from Domino’s? Chances are that has mayonnaise on it too. And of course, every sandwhich you’ll find a conbini will be smothered in mayonnaise. For people like me who only tolerate mayonnaise when its mixed with tuna or lightly put on some burgers, it’s a nighmare.

    A few days ago, What Japan Thinks translated a Japanese survey that asked “What unusual food goes well with mayonnaise?Check it out for a variety of combinations that will make mayonnaise-haters gag.

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