Chinese TV network to air “Japanese devil soldiers” cartoon

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    Global Voices’ Oi wan Lam has reported that the Chinese TV network CCTV will soon be airing “Devil soldiers in Mao-er Mountain” (帽兒山的鬼子兵).

    The background of the cartoon is 1930s-40s (during WWII), in a village near a mountain (Mao-er) in Heilongjiang. The story is about the interaction between 3 Chinese kids and 5 Japanese soldiers.

    Supposedly the Japanese soldiers are depicted as mean-spirited idiots who are easily tricked by the clever Chinese children. It also has a catchy anti-Japanese theme song:

    I irritate the devil soldiers
    I playfully torture the devil soldiers
    I play and irritate, with hits and kicks
    I spoof / torture the devil soldiers to death!

    One Chinese blogger is quoted saying that he believes CCTV’s decision to air the cartoon is a response to the recent scandal about an Japanese porn game (read my update about it here) that was seen as an insult to Chinese culture. The Chinese respond to an obscure Japanese porn game by deciding to nationally televise an anti-Japanese cartoon….sounds like a rational response, doesn’t it?

    For more information check out the post at Global Voices and this site (in Chinese, but it has lots of pictures!).

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