Royal birth scheduled for Tomorrow: Will it be a boy or a girl?

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    If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve probably heard that a new member of the Japanese royal family is about to be born. Princess Kiko, the wife of Prince Akishino, will have a baby tomorrow via c-section. The Japanese media will be waiting outside of the hospital, eagerly awaiting news of the child’s gender. CNN has even got into the imperial birth circlejerk with an article that speculates about possible baby names.

    Prince Akishino studied fish taxonomy at Oxford. What a cool guy!

    The unsual timing of this pregnancy and birth open it up to all kinds of wacky theories. Prince Akishino, otherwise known as “Prince Dork-hair”, has never enjoyed the attention given to his older brother, Crown Prince Naruhito. Some people have claimed that they dislike eachother and that Prince Dork-hair has always been trying to upstage his brother. The brothers have failed to produce male heirs to the thrown, which has thrown the Japanese imperial family into a succession crisis.

    Early this year the diet was about to take steps towards passing a law that would allow female succession, which would have allowed Prince Naruhito’s daughter to become empress. However, their plans were quickly scrapped when it was announced that Akishino’s wife was pregnant. The timing of her pregnancy was especially odd, considering the fact that she is now over 40 and hasn’t had a child since 1994. It is not unreasonable to believe that Akishino and his wife planned this pregnancy so they could take the thrown away from Naruhito’s daughter. There has also been speculation that they have used the best technology medical science can offer in their attempt to produce a baby boy.

    I’m not a big fan of royal families. It seems somewhat ridiculous that countries like Japan or the UK have families of fabulously wealthy royals who do nothing but live comfortable lives so they can produce heirs and continue on their royalty act for the sake of tradition. The idea of making a big fuss about male succession is even more ridiculous, especially considering the fact that there have been empresses in Japanese history. I’ll be crossing my fingers tomorrow and hoping that a the baby is a girl. Tabloids have already reported that insiders say the baby will be a boy, so I will probably be disappointed tomorrow.

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