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Filming the Beach

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    Some girls might be creeped out by a guy walking behind them with a video camera on the beach. When the cameraman sneaks up on these girls and says “Excuse me? You’re beautiful!”, the girls seem to like it:

    Innovative nampa technique, or a way to creep out the ladies?

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    “Model Mothers” feed lolicon hunger by exploiting their daughters

    Back when I posted about the Koda Kumi Erotic/Cute childrens’ dance competition, which featured elementary school aged girls girating their hips in clothing fit for hookers, I got a lot of comments from people who accused me of unfairly judging Japan’s culture and applying western morals to it. Well, all you cultural/moral relativists out there can suck it: Mainichi’s WaiWai is running a column that claims many Japanese are disturbed by such pedo-tastic displays. Here’s an excerpt:

    “We’ve always had loads of kids looking to become celebrities, but the photos they send in to us have become more and more risque. Sometimes, you’ll get photos of a kid dressed in a tiny, ultra-low cut tank top and micro-miniskirt, standing there spreading her legs wide. You have to ask yourself: ‘Is this really an elementary school girl?” an employee of a major talent agency tells Josei Seven.

    “Seeing these little girls wearing fashions clearly designed for women in their late teens or 20s and their faces caked with make-up can be pretty overwhelming.”

    Parents have mixed feelings about the trend.

    “I’ve got a girl in junior high who tells me ‘these fashions are the in thing’ and ‘everybody’s wearing them.’ I don’t want to come down on her too hard, because if she’s too different from the other kids around her, it could make life real tough for her,” one 40-year-old mother says.

    Another sees no problem in dressing young girls as though they were streetwalkers.

    “What’s wrong with fashion that exposes a lot of skin?” a 36-year-old mom asks. “If the kids like it, let ’em wear it. I think it’s kinda cute.”

    Yumiko Mizuno is one mother who has no qualms about letting her daughters bare it all if that means a one-way ticket down easy street. Mizuno is paying particular attention to her 11-year-old daughter who’s keen on getting into showbiz.

    “If we got an offer for her to do a swimsuit photo shoot, of course I’d snap it up right away. With glee,” Mizuno tells Josei Seven. “Nude shots and adult movies are out, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with swimsuit shots where she puts on sexy poses. The kids may be a bit embarrassed, but they’ve got to learn that this is their opening to the big time.”

    Writer Yuki Ishikawa says moms keen to flog off their young daughters for fame at any price have adopted a too cynical view of life.

    “A lot of housewives’ satisfaction with life depends more on their husbands than on themselves. How they fare in life depends on how their hubbies go. They want to make their daughters into women who are going to be alluring for good men,” Ishikawa says.

    It’s this same allure that has others worried, particularly because of the recent spate of violent crimes against children, particularly little girls.

    Stage mom Mizuno, though, says such fears are unfounded.

    “Even if some guy gives a girl a lecherous look, the kids know enough to just ignore him and walk away. It’s all right,” she says.

    Others aren’t so sure. In the meantime, the trend continues.

    “It’s become something of an issue within the business. Once upon a time, parents used to forbid their kids from being in swimsuit shots or photo shoots. Now, we get parents telling us their kids are willing to do anything, even swimsuit shots,” the talent agency employee says. “We even get some parents who tell us that if we really want them to, they’ll make their kids take everything off. We don’t want to have to deal with that sort of thing.”

    But one mom says it’s worth it to do whatever it takes if fame and fortune await.

    “Frankly speaking, I’d feel pretty good about myself, too, if my daughter becomes famous,” she says. “And if she becomes a top pin-up model, then things become easier on the financial front, too.”

    Just as in the case of the Koda Kumi dance contest, this seems to be a case of Mothers pushing their children to sexualize themselves so they can become famous by exploiting the lolicon market. Pretty disgusting.

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    Bedroom statistics from What Japan Thinks

    Over at What Japan Thinks, Ken Y-N has translated the results of a survey of married sex life conducted by Bayer’s Japanese division. It explores a variety of topics, from sexual satisfaction to the distance in centimeters between bed pillows. Check it out: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3!

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    Predator: A Manifesto of the Fist

    Here’s a Japanese commercial advertising the airing of ‘Predator’. It starts out by pointing out that viewers will be able to see California’s governor battling enemies. It describes the movie as having a meat/muscle density of 1000%. While the movie is 1000% meaty, I’m afraid that Japanese viewers miss out on the amazing one-liners that Arnold delivers in that film( For example, the “stick around” knife throwing line, and the “knock knock” door-kicking-in line). Dubbed or subtitled, you just can’t properly translate an Arnold pun.

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