Koda Kumi’s Pedo Dance Extravaganza!

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    UPDATE:The videos should all be working now. I apologize on behalf of the idiots responsible for the downtime. If you know of a good alternative to YouTube, please let me know.


    Tonight on the NTV program Utawara, pop star Kumi Koda hosted the first ever Chibi Ero Dance competition, a competition in which little girls imitated Kumi Koda’s sexy/erotic dance style. Girls between the ages of 2 and 12 dressed up in sexy costumes like Koda wears in her videos, put on heavy make up, and danced their hearts out. The webmaster of What Japan Thinks, Ken Y-N, was cool enough to e-mail me with advance notice about this spectacle, so I was able to record all of the performances. Here are the all nine entries in their pedophilic glory(can you stomach to watch them all??):

    The introduction and group 1. The girls are all 10 or 11 years old.[Mirror link]
    Entry number 2: these girls are 7 and 8 years old.
    Entry number 3: all 6 years old. (They won the contest)
    Entry number 4: “I worked really hard, so please watch my sexy dance,” said the girl who was five.

    Entry number 5: A sexy group of girls, ages 9 to 11.

    Entry number 6: She’s 12, and about as tall as Kumi Koda. Not exactly “chibi”.

    Entry number 7: Girls between the age of 7 and 11 dance in sexy bunny suits. Good god, is this legal?!!

    Entry number 8: In what can only be described as horrible torture, this 2 year-old girl is forced by her mother to perform in front of Japan. She mumbles into her microphone while looking startled. At the end they keep asking “what’s your name?” just to hear her cute answer.


    This is absolutely shocking. I’ve never seen such an amazing display of pedophilic child fetishism on tv! It goes without saying that such a thing would probably not be aired on network television in America, although it did remind me of video of creepy child beauty pagents I had once seen in a news report about JonBenet Ramsey back in the day. You’d think that Japanese parents, who are so concerned that they make elementary schoolers wear helmets to walk 3 blocks to school, might be a bit concerned about turning their 7 year-old daughters in to objects of sexual fetishism. Am I preaching too much here? Edit: I don’t believe this videos to be pornographic or obscene, they are merely disturbing.

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