Japanese government to create mandatory examinations for game developers?

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    Gamespot is reporting that the Japanese government is considering new regulations for the game industry:

    In Japan, government-approved qualifications are omnipresent. The various ministries administer a mind-boggling number of exams, covering everything from athletic instruction to dangerous-materials handling. For many government positions, and a fair number of private companies, these qualifications are mandatory.

    So, it is unsurprising that the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) wants to create an examination system for game creators too, according to a Famitsu.com report.

    Ah, yes! Requiring potentional game developers to spend countless hours cramming information in their heads so they can robotically spit it out on a test. I can’t think of a better way to encourage excellence in a creative industry!

    The report goes on to reveal another elaborate plan:

    It further recommends Japan’s primary gaming showcase, the Tokyo Game Show, be linked up with other international conferences related to entertainment. Theoretically, this could mean the Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo International Film Festival, and Tokyo Anime Fair will be mashed together into a single massive event. The report’s recommendation to “rethink the timing” of related events implies at the very least that future conventions may be scheduled to take place simultaneously or consecutively.

    Combining all the major Japanophilic otaku events into one massive event. I can just imagine tens of thousands of western cosplayers flooding into Narita in the days before it’s launch. I’ve got to admit, it is a great way to encourage foreign tourism.

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