Korean pop star: I’ll sell my nude photos to any country [but not Japan]

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    Apparently Korean pop star Vicky will never allow Japanese men to see her nude photos:

    Pop star Vicky has refused to allow her nude photos to be exported to Japan.

    Vicky was recently offered a US$100,000 contract from Hong Kong-based WUFU Business Co., Ltd. to release her nude photo collection on Japanese portal sites. Vicky, however, frankly stated her opposition, saying, “No matter how much I needed money, I wouldn’t want my nude photos sent to Japan.”

    The article goes on to say that she will likely sell her nude photos to groups in several other asian countries, but Japan is an absolute no-no. Is there any end to the ridiculous anti-Japanese fury of the Koreans? I’m sure that the photos will end up on the internet anyway, so everyone, including the vile, nasty Japanese, will be able to see them.

    [Story found via Zero]

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