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    When it comes to talking about bodily functions, the Japanese are pretty open. It is not uncommon to hear friends and coworkers having conversations about consptipation, diaherria and other bowel movement-related topics. Judging from these cartoons I found on youtube, toilet training is also something that is embraced without embarassment:

    Video 1: Little Shimajiro learns to use the toilet. Featuring the hit songs ‘Pee come out’ and ‘Poop Come Out’. [posted before on japundit]

    Video 3: Little Koin shows that she knows how to use a western toilet! Of course, she speaks some Engrish and then sings a happy song!

    Video 3: The counterpart to Video 2, for those who have traditional Japanese toilets in their houses. Complete with traditional Japanese music and song!

    Video 4: Little koin has a big accident! Luckily, she teaches children what to do in the event of a premature leak: mop up the mess….and keep on your soiled undies?

    Video 5: The mystery of porta-potties is explained! Apparently these toilets are kind of French?

    Video 6: This little boy is kind of ashamed that this morning’s poop was so small. But the toilet teaches him to be happy, even if his turd is small! ^_^

    Well, it’s time to go to work now, with poop songs stuck in my head!

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