Public schools making boys and girls strip together

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    Mainichi has posted an alarmist article that brings to light a scandalous piece of information about some Japanese public schools: girls and boys have to change clothing in the same room!

    Boys and girls at almost one in five elementary schools across the nation are being forced to strip down together at such times as getting ready for PE class or medical examinations, according to a Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology survey.

    Mixed changing is occurring even into some high schools on occasion.

    The ministry has sent a directive to boards of education across the country requesting the provision of separate changing facilities for boys and girls.

    “Some children feel ashamed and there’s a high likelihood this could create some confusion,” a ministry spokesman said.

    The ministry surveyed about 44,000 educational institutions from kindergartens through to elementary, junior high and high schools across Japan, asking about changing conditions in seven different situations, such as during medical examinations and school camps.

    Boys and girls were forced to change clothes in the same room in 62.97 percent of elementary schools — mostly in the lower grades — 7.49 percent of junior high schools and 1.12 percent of high schools.

    I didn’t take this picture.

    Good God, what a scandal! Who would have thought that the construction of schools without locker/changing rooms would result in such a situation?! Imagine all those 8 year olds who are able to see members of the opposite sex changing clothing! Absolutely disgusting.

    The article mentions a lot of scandalous situations, but it fails to address the question on most of our minds: Do the teachers get to watch?

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