Japanese painter Yoshihiko Wada accused of plagiarism

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    According to Mainichi Shinbun:

    Award-winning Japanese painter Yoshihiko Wada has been accused of plagiarism after it was pointed out that several of his paintings bear an extreme resemblance to paintings produced by an Italian artist, it has emerged.

    Really? Let’s look at some examples:

    Painting by the Italian artist

    Painting by Yoshihiko Wada

    “I have known Sughi for a long time, ever since I went to study in Italy in the 1970s. I received artistic influence from him when I was there, doing study and design work together with him, but the works are not stolen,” he said.

    However, when agency workers went to Italy and asked Sughi about the works he said they were plagiarized.

    “I never knew he was producing works like this. They’re stolen,” Sughi was quoted as saying.

    It’s not plagiarism, dude. He totally changed all the colors.

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