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    A few days ago, a news report featuring the rudeness of Korean tourists who visit the Japanese island of Tsushima aired on Japanese TV. At the time I was not set up to capture video, but I was able to watch it. Since then I have searched around for information on the report. Behold! A miracle(a link on! Somebody captured it and uploaded it to youtube! Below is a brief summary of the news report, with pictures.

    Behold, the island of Tsushima: a small Japanese island near Korea. Ten years ago only a few hundred Korean tourists visited the island each year. For some reason that number has increased to 40,000 Korean tourists each year! Let’s focus on the rude ones!

    What the hell are these Koreans doing? Throwing stones in the air?

    No! They are throwing stones over the gate to this shrine!! Apparently it is common practice in Korea, but in Japan it is RUDE RUDE RUDE!!

    Anyway, let’s check out the grounds of the shrine. Usually people tie their fortune-telling papers here and put up messages wishing for good luck. Maybe some Koreans wrote some good luck messages as well?

    No!!! They wrote anti-Japanese messages!! This one says “If Dokdo(Takeshima) is Japanese territory, then Japan is Korean territory.” Really mature.

    Not only do the Korean tourists write anti-Japanese messages, they also open packages of food they have just purchased and eat it before they leave the supermarket. In some cases they even open the food packages before they pay at the register! Outrageous!

    The intrepid Japanese reporter ventures out on a boat to check out Tsushima’s fishing grounds. It looks like somebody has left bait strewn all over this rock! How shocking!

    Why was that bait strewn all about? Because Korean tourists are engaging in a form of fishing in which they chuck bait into the water. Apparently foreigners are banned from engaging in this form of fishing(to protect local fish populations, or something like that). The reporter informs a few Koreans that they are illegally fishing, and they are unaware of the law and clearly annoyed.

    Not knowing about the fishing law is one thing. But going to restaurants and bringing your own kimchi along? To ad insult to this rudeness, the Korean tourists often leave restaurants without paying the full amount! Incredible!

    Watch the full video here.

    A lot of people are going to watch this report and think the Japanese media is unfairly singling out a small minority of Korean tourists, and that is probably true. This report can certainly be seen as anti-Korean or racist. But for every anti-Korean news report I see on TV, there are at least 3 programs talking about how nice it is to travel to South Korea and enjoy Korean food and culture. Although I don’t watch Korean TV, I’m guessing that the South Korean media is much harsher to the Japanese.

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