Japanese Panty Thief Caught

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    Mainichi is reporting that a panty thief has been captured in Nagoya.  Apparently the 50 year old man had over 1700 articles of womens underwear in his garage.  He admitted that he has been responsible for 250 incidents since 1990.  Considering the fact that he had stolen 67 items of underwear in his latest break-in, he probably stole a lot more than 1700 panties.  Maybe he only kept the best undies for himself, disguarding the ones that were too clean/boring?

    Anyway, here’s the article:

    Police nab accused panty thief, seize 1700 items

    NAGOYA — A 50-year-old man accused of stealing woman’s underwear was arrested Friday, with police seizing about 1,700 pieces of underwear and other items from a garage he used, law enforcers said.

    Some of the underwear found in his garage.

    The man, Hideki Aoki, was arrested on suspicion of theft. He has reportedly admitted to the allegations.

    “I was responsible for around 250 incidents from 1990,” he was quoted as telling police. “I haven’t been able to talk to girls since I was a student, so I became interested in underwear.”

    Investigators accuse Aoki of smashing a window to gain entry to a 43-year-old female office worker’s home in Midori-ku, Nagoya, at about 6:30 p.m. on April 11, then stealing 67 items of underwear.

    When police searched the garage listed as Aoki’s place of work, they reportedly found about 1,700 pieces of underwear and other items.

    Aoki had cased out apartments where he committed the thefts and pressed the intercoms at doors to check that no one was home before going in to steal items, police said. He reportedly committed the thefts while driving around eastern Nagoya and the Aichi Prefecture cities of Toyota, Nisshin and other areas on business. (Mainichi)

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