Japanese Breast sizes increasing: A study on J-Boobs

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    There is an interesting post over at santoslove.exblog.jp. Apparently the boob size of Japanese girls is increasing! The source, a study by a Japanese bra-maker:

    Better leave it to a specialist. Fortunately, there is a data investigated by a lingerie maker, Wacoar. According to this research, in 1980, 58.6 percent of bra they sold were A-cup ones, and they did not have to produce bra over E-cup. However, in 1992, the ratio of A-cup girls become 25.9 percent of all, and in 2004, it finally became around 10 percent of all girls. On the other hand, the demand for larger bra increased, and now 12.7 percent of girls are using bra over E-cup. Amazingly, In other words, 12.7 percent of Japanese girls are kyonyu (the owner of big boobs).

    The blogger goes on the state various other statistics, and predict that the growth while continue until it peaks 30 years from now. After that point, Japanese breast size will decrease until it reaches zero(which is around what it must have been 100 years ago).

    My theory for this boob size increase? Lots of cakes and junk food = more chubby j-girls. From what I see on the street, most thin j-girls still have small breasts….

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