Pictures of Razor Ramone HG’s Hot Girlfriend

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    Guess what? Razor Ramone Hard Gay isn’t actually gay! What a surprise! Apparently to a few Japanese entertainment news outlets it surprising. They’ve been hounding poor Hard Gay about his rumored relationship with bikini model Anna Suzuki.

    Anna Suzuki is a member of the “Mini Skirt Police”, a group of Japanese girls who have a tv show where they do stupid stuff that allows viewers to oggle them. You might recognize their blue police uniforms from fetish shops and love hotel costume order catalogs(I know I do).

    Anyway, enough about the mini skirt police. Here’s a couple pics of Anna Suzuki (who is quite hot, if you haven’t noticed already).

    From a cover of one of her DVD(she doesn’t get naked; it is just a video of her going around in skimpy clothing and showing off her body).

    Not bad, Hard Gay, not bad.

    There’s more pictures of her at this site.

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